The “Strong One”

It occured to me that at some point, people would come to me telling me their troubles. I’d be comforting people. I’d be reassuring people. I’d listen to people.

I don’t quite know how it happened. Maybe, I have a strong aura surrounding me? If that’s a thing, ha! It intrigues me. Do people see me as a healer? Someone who they can trust? Someone who they believe won’t hurt them?

I think I’m so curious about it because I have my own battles I fight. These people probably don’t know I’ve been to therapy, been on medication and been in dark places. My struggles really began when I lost someone. I felt so guilty and had so much regret. Feeling it was my fault.

While I could have self pity (that my struggles aren’t known and that I’m being misunderstood as “strong”), perhaps this is to show that, while I couldn’t help one person, I can help others.

If people see me as someone who’s strong, is that a bad thing? Surely, it shows that I have it in me to be someone people look up to.

If people see you as the strong one; maybe it isn’t a misunderstanding. But a sign that you’re tougher than you think.


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